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Welcome to the G2J Academy!

Dive into the world of storytelling, cinematography, directing, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Photo Graphy, Stage Artist, Cinema Technician, Make-up Artist and Modeling with our comprehensive courses led by industry experts. Unleash your creativity, master the art of filmmaking, and turn your passion into a profession. Join us and let's craft cinematic wonders together!

*** Professionals from the film industry will be providing training in our academy in workshops, certificate courses, and diploma courses ***

Ninthyanandam B.A, D.F.Tech
Film & Serial Director & Writer
Christopher Gnanamuthu
Christopher M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed, CFA.
Ex.Hod. Bharatiraja Film Inst.
Cinematographer Ex.Hod. Adyar Film Inst.
Aravindaraj D.F.Tech
Film Director & Actor.
Babuthooyavan B.Com, D.F.Tech
Film Director & Producer
Cinematographer & Producer

Christopher, Team Members


Joe Malloori

Writer and Actor


Actor and Producer

At our film academy, you'll explore a range of classes designed to nurture your filmmaking skills:

Introduction to Filmmaking: Covering the basics from script to screen.

Cinematography Techniques: Learn about framing, lighting, and camera work.

Screenwriting: Craft compelling stories and scripts.

Directing and Production: Dive into the art of directing and managing a film set.

Editing and Post-Production: Master the editing process and add magic to your films.

Acting for Film: Understand the actor's perspective in film production.

In a music workshop, you can expect a diverse range of classes tailored to enhance your musical skills.

Each class is led by experienced professionals, offering a hands-on approach to prepare you for a successful career in the film industry

These classes aim to provide a well-rounded education, whether you're an aspiring instrumentalist, singer, composer, or producer.

Screenplay workshop

A screenplay writing workshop typically covers various elements like story structure, character development, dialogue, formatting, and the overall process of crafting a script for film or television. It often involves practical exercises, feedback sessions, and discussions on effective storytelling techniques tailored for the screen.

Cinematography workshop

A cinematography workshop delves into the art of visual storytelling through the camera. It covers aspects like camera angles, composition, lighting techniques, camera movement, shot types, and visual aesthetics. Participants often engage in hands-on exercises and discussions, exploring how these elements contribute to crafting compelling visuals in films or videos.

Post production

In a post-production workshop, participants typically learn about editing techniques, sound design, visual effects, color grading, and other aspects involved in refining raw footage into a finished product. Hands-on practice with editing software and discussions on workflow optimization are common in these workshops.

Acting workshop

An acting workshop focuses on honing performance skills, character development, emotional range, improvisation, script analysis, and understanding the nuances of portraying characters on stage or screen. These workshops often involve acting exercises, scene work, and feedback sessions aimed at improving actors' craft and confidence.

Story writting

A story writing workshop concentrates on narrative development, plot structure, character creation, dialogue, and themes. Participants explore various storytelling techniques through writing exercises, discussions, and feedback sessions to enhance their ability to craft engaging and well-rounded stories across different genres and mediums.

Sure, here are some steps to attract students to join a film academy:

Unique Programs

Offer diverse and unique programs covering various aspects of filmmaking.

Promote Success Stories

Share success stories of your alumni to showcase the academy's impact.

Engaging Marketing

Use social media, website, and targeted ads to reach potential students.

Guest Speakers/Workshops

Organize events with industry professionals to offer insights and networking opportunities.

Scholarships/Financial Aid

Provide options to assist students who might face financial barriers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Highlight top-notch equipment and facilities available for practical learning.

Internship Opportunities

Establish partnerships for internships to offer real-world experience.

Community Engagement

Engage with the local film community through events, screenings, and collaborations.

Open Houses/Tours

Arrange open houses or virtual tours for prospective students to see the campus.

Feedback & Testimonials

Showcase positive feedback and testimonials from current students or industry professionals.
Tailoring your approach to the specific interests and needs of aspiring filmmakers can make your academy more appealing.